Very incredible fox Japanese

Apart from the feline and bunny islands in Japan, there is likewise a sanctuary of foxes out there. This wonderful sanctuary is called as Zao Fox Town in which 6 alternative genus of fox rollicks play collectively, some kind of fight, and likewise for food. The fox sanctuary is positioned in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan. At the expense of 100 yen ( close to 85 cents in United States), the visitors are provided food to be fed to these foxes however just after using full-proof gowns as the animals are wild. Even kids are restricted to be taken near them. So look into Really easy Japanese fox dog right now.

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Image credits: Souctine

Source: fox-info

Image credits: Piccolist

Source: fox-info

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Image credits: Danny Villeneuve

Image credits: Tatsuro Shimono

Imgae credits: Handai Fox

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Image credits: Momizi Lin (left) | Yik Yuh (right)

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Image credits: Hiroto Ue

Image credits: Tatsuro Shimono

Image credits: Handai Fox

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