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Kid Rides Giant Python

Look! This is so incredible matter that small boy named as Sambath who lives and sleep with a 5 meter-long Burmese python. As seen in video, we may be concerned that any day the...

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The 96-Year-Old Schoolgirl

Some girls may be abnormal gene and so they may become old and older than real age. That is, one of the most recognizable faces of progeria has been met with Hayley Okines. This...

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As being been in a folklore of many cultures worldwide, a mermaid has been known as a legendary aquatic creature that shows the upper body of female human and the tail of a fish....

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The Little Mermaid – Documentary

Many retelling story said something about mermaid, but in fact it is a disease that called as sirenomelia or mermaid syndrome. This matter is happened in little Shiloh Pepin who is a rare birth...

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The Man Who Ate Himself To Death

This is the tragic story from Ricky Naputi who is one of the world’s great fat men. He has almost 65 stone that has been confirmed bedridden and kept to his home on the...